The Faculty Council

   Encouraging the scientific research and coordinating between the departments or the institute

     and publishing the research.

   Recommending the appointment of faculty members, teaching assistants and lecturers, and

     taking care of their secondment and promotion.

   Proposing teaching and modifying plans and  coordinating among departments.

   Proposing the curricula, textbooks, and references for the college departments and  coordinating

   Proposing exam dates and the taking care of all the relevant  details.

   Proposing the internal regulations in the faculty.

   Taking decisions regarding students' affairs when relevant to one's authorities and referring to the

     University Council otherwise.

   Considering and providing opinions for issues referred by the university council, university

     president, university deputy, or the dean.

   Adopting  a strategic plan for the college that agrees with the strategic plan of the university.

   Adopting  a strategy for scientific research in the college that matches with the research plan of

    the University.

   Recommending adoption of the general plan for the application of quality and academic

     accreditation in the college.

   Providing and approving  the acceptance constraints  and moving from and to a college in

    coordination with the Admission and Registration Deanship.

   Forming committees from the staff members.