Development and Quality unite

   Disseminating the quality culture among staff members, female students and employees.

   Determining the standards and criteria of National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment to implement quality systems

    in academic departments.

   Specifying courses and programs and following-up periodic reports.

   Self-assessment of the college to probe elements of strengths and weaknesses that need specific improvements.

   Establishing and monitoring subcommittees in the academic departments of the college.

   Suggesting appropriate projects and instructional strategies that might improve quality at the college.

   Activating the website of the college and publishing everything pertaining to the college.  

   Offering suggestions, recommendations and solutions to overcome the impediments encountered in quality and development programs.

   Identifying the training needs of the staff members and nominating them for the appropriate training courses to develop their faculties and skills.

   Exploring all the issues that concern development and quality unit.