Computer Science Committees





  Spreading the culture of quality in the Department.

  Supervising the Department's strategic plan and monitoring its implementation.

  Proposing the development plans for the department.

  Implementing evaluation activities and academic accreditation and following them up.

  Proposing objectives and learning outcomes for different programs in the department (Bachelor-master-doctorate), as well as proposing ways to achieve

     these objectives and different evaluation techniques in order to measure learning outcomes or achieve these goals.

  Supervising and following up the preparation of curricula's course file.

  Identifying the possible ways of improvement and proposing necessary projects to be implemented in the department.

  Preparing the department's handbook, jobs' opportunities, and course descriptions.

  Receiving the members of Academic Accreditation from outside the university and the quality committees from the university which visit the

     department regularly.

  Encouraging staff-members to propose new projects and helping them to fulfill these projects.

  Supervising the process of self-evaluation of department's programs  and preparing self-study reports of the academic programs.

  Contributing with the Quality Unit in the College to familiarize students with quality and Academic Accreditation by giving lectures and workshops.

  Documenting the efforts and the procedures of Academic Accreditation and submitting a report to the head of the department.

  Collecting data about the requirements of Academic Accreditation and the activities of the quality unit regularly and implementing them in the department.

  Writing periodic reports about the performance level and to what extent the students are pleased with this performance at each activity.

  Conducting regular meetings to discuss how to implement the requirement of Academic accreditation of program.

  Preparing programs' course descriptions.

  Doing other tasks regarding the Academic Accreditation and the activities of quality unit.

   Holding periodic meetings to follow up the progress of work in the Committee of plans and curricula with the program with the need to coordinate
      with similar programs in the branches of the University.communication with them (especially Bachelors students)  in all the academic departments.
   Receive proposals on plans, programs and courses from the various branches of the University through the coordinator / the coordinator.
   Completion of the requirements of building study plans for any existing or new program as stated in the program development and construction
      guide (p4-5)
   Commitment to the administrative sequence to approve the plans and programs of study as stated in the manual of building and developing
      programs (p. 9)
   Completion of the required forms for the preparation of a new program or program or the development of an existing program as described in
     the Program Development and Building Manual (Forms 1-2-3-4-5-6-7).
  Work on the evaluation of existing plans and programs according to the models (A - B - C - D).
  Submit periodic reports on the progress of work to the Committee of plans and curricula in the college to the Deanship of Academic
     Development and Quality
  Supervise the implementation of programs and abide by the description of courses in the program
   Meet the requirements of a new program according to a guide to prepare and develop plans and study programs.
   Meet the requirements and criteria for program changes ( Outputs, program name, delete Rapporteur, add Rapporteur.  
   Meet the requirements and criteria for adding a reference to a course

  Conducting training workshops for members / members of the program committee in accordance with their training needs  

  Spread the culture of the quality of plans and programs among members / members of the department

  Commitment to the requirements of the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality about the program 

  Documentation of meetings and work of the Program and Program Committee at the program level

  Collection of self-study reports of the courses from the branches through the coordinator / coordinator and preparation of the report of

     the self-study of the courses and their delivery

  For the Vice Dean for Development and Quality or Head of Development and Quality Unit

  Collection of self-study reports of programs from branches through coordinator / coordinator and preparation of report

    of self-study of the program and delivery to the agent College of Development and Quality or Head of Development and Quality Unit.

  The need for coordination and cooperation between the joint programs (men / women) in the branches of the university.









  Awareness of the importance of academic guidance for the programs of the department.

  Emphasis on the concept of academic guidance and the role of the academic advisor in guiding the student to plan for his / her educational future.

  Follow-up the preparation of the necessary questions for academic accreditation regarding academic guidance, distribution, collection, analysis of

     results and submission.

  Advice for all college-level programs accordingly.

  Deepen trust between students and faculty.

  Continue to receive student complaints and respond to their suggestions.

  Contribute to the awareness of students of supporting services and activities provided by the college and university and follow up the availability of

     textbooks and learning resources.











  Studying the current status of student assessment systems.

   Continuous development of systems used for evaluation.

  Development of an integrated model of sheet the exam.

   Studying student satisfaction through different assessment.

  Establish a mechanism for internal and external auditing of the examination systems.