Administration Director

   A person who is in charge of administrative and financial affairs in the college.  Supervising the application of the regulations of administrative and financial affairs at the university.

   Reporting the date of joining or quitting the college of all staff members.

   Supervising the proper functioning and development in the administration.

   Making sure that the college urgent requirements are purchased.

   Supervising all the contractors needs and applications in the college regarding passports (stay, visa, flight tickets).

   Coordinating with the relevant authorities as regards the college facilities and the providing follow-up plans for maintenance and cleanliness.

   Organizing the employees' leaves in the college including administrators and technicians, cleaners and workers.

   Appointing an employee to contact and follow-up the people in charge of maintenance in case of break-down of the college facilities.

   Supervising the distribution of offices, and preparing programs for the seminar halls to be used properly.

   Supervising the attendance records of the college employees and technicians.

   Supervising the classrooms' preparation, readiness and maintenance regularly.

   Preparing the annual report and periodic reports of the administration activities and the subordinate units and submitting it to the Dean.

   Supervising the financial affairs and inventory allocated to the administration according to rules and regulations.

   Performing the tasks assigned by the Dean