Public Facilities and Service Centers

There are (31) classrooms in the college equipped with teaching assistant tools as follows :

   Study seats

  Seats Projectors


  system The clinic is established to introduce first aid services to the college employees and staffmembers.

  The college coefficient:

There are two cafeterias in the students' yard with tables and seats and they offersome meals and drinks to the students.

The nursery was established to serve the employees and students as well, and it has specialized baby sitters. It is provided with entertainment tools and supervised by the college administration.

The storage cares about the college inventories, distributes the furniture among the units of the college, organizes deals, asks staff members to sign when they take inventories, and submits their clearance before resignation as well.

The Services and Maintenance office is in charge of providing classrooms and labs with the equipment that are used in teaching processand checking them regularly.