7. Students’ Reviews about IEP

Students’ Reviews about EIP

The EIP values its students, and their opinion is the most important indicator of our success. So, if you want to find out more about the EIP, here are some real insight into the experiences of our students:

Tthkar Muteq Asiri, Business Administration (level 2 / year 1):

This semester I was very blessed for taking the English course due to its many benefits. In this course, I learned a lot of new important vocabulary. This English course also helped me with my day to day activities and I learned about new cultures and how to talk to people around the world. I am very thankful and blessed to have had this opportunity.

Reham Ali Alahmari, Information Systems (level 3 / year 2):

English is very important in our life. It is used in technology and it is the most used language ​​in the world. It is very easy and fun. First, I only had to learn the basics of the language.  After that, I was able to understanding it. Then, most of what I had been studying was easy for me to understand and learn. Finally, I like English because it’s the language spoken everywhere in the world.

 Atiaf Hussein, Programming and Operating Computers (level 2 / year 1):

The English classes were very helpful and useful for me. I have improved my English a lot even though I was not very good at the beginning.

Maram Ali Nasser, Programming and Operating Computers (level 5 / year 3):

The English language classes are entertaining. I used to love to be an active member and to participate during classes. The teachers are really wonderful and patient with us. I was hoping to have more English courses but I will continue my self-education because I want to learn it throughout my life.

Manar Mohammad Ali Alessa, Information Systems (level 3 / year 2):

I like and enjoy the English classes very much. It helps us to understand other subjects and it helps us to communicate with others confidently and to understand what's going on in English around us. I pray to Allah to reward our teachers with the best.

Ghala Ali Mohammed Asiri, Business Administration (level 1/year 3)

“I like English classes because of my teachers, they are really wonderful, helpful and nice teachers. I learned a lot of new important vocabulary which is help me to participate in the classes and communicate with my teachers and my colleagues easily and confidently.

Other thing is that I really enjoyed the blended learning, because I can meet my teacher on face-to-face classes, if I have any enquiries, So, I feel good when I discuss with my teacher face to face and utilizes the online classes as well.”


Najwa Swailem Al-Qathani- 443813423 , Business Administration

“First-year English covered a wide range of topics and training sessions for me, which made the intensive English classes extremely beneficial. Additionally, the English sessions honed students' speaking and grammar skills, which benefited the student.

Student name: Yara Ibrahim Asiri, ID: 443813033, Major: Applied Information System

Throughout my extensive English level 1 and 2 studies, I profited much from blended sessions that covered a variety of themes that honed my language skills and my ability to understand and comprehend.  Furthermore, it ensures that you possess the ability to comprehend and initiate a discussion without the assistance of a translation.”


“The Blended Learning English course that I had last term was easier and we could learn at any time. It was more flexible and it was more comfortable because we could attend the lectures from home and from my part, I could participate without feeling shy.”

Students’ Review about Orientation Day

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Al Wala Ismail Ahmad Hussain

Level 1

Yesterday, we attended the Orientation Day at the college Auditorium which was organized by IEP. It was a great experience. It covered wide range of topics and focused on giving the newcomers a general overview of the rules as well as how to navigate through the entire semester to achieve the best result.


Ahad Qasim

Level 1

Orientation Day was very helpful. IEP team informed us about all the rules, course module marks distribution and how to act in class. It was something, we needed. Thank you IEP team for your efforts.


Arwa Misfer Alqahtani 

Level 1

The program for getting to know each other was very nice and fun. All of the new students found it very helpful. At the Intensive English Program, we all met the teachers, the head of the department and vice dean of the college. We also learned about our study plan and other ways to improve our English language skills.

What a great aid and need that turned out to be.