6. Meet us in person

Meet us in person

Get in touch with us: Whether you have a question about the EIP or you face some difficulties throughout your studies, we are here to assist you with every aspect of your academic life.


So, if you are a student with a problem or question, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of the General Courses Department.

Each student will be advised in a one-to-one session during the office hours.

Please reach out to our tutor team for individual advice and guidance for special needs:

• Dr. May Ali Elzein                      mayelzein_99@yahoo.com

• Ms. Asma Shaya Alnahari          asalnahari@kku.edu.sa 


Empowering students with special needs to make the most of their studies

The EIP’s fundamental goal is to create an inclusive educational space into our college. We value diversity of any form and believe that each individual can make a difference in this world.

The inclusion of students with special needs into our EIP classes is probably the most empowering experience that we can offer. We are fully aware of the difficulties that we may encounter when embarking on such a mission, but we promise to use our full support and expertise in achieving this goal.

The EIP’s multifaceted approach to this aspect aims to:

• Help students overcome their learning difficulties by focusing on the strengths that they already have;

• Respond to each student’s area of need by setting realistic and attainable targets;

• Assist students in coping with the stress caused by their learning difficulty by developing emotional coping strategies, such as cultivating the student’s social inclusion into the classroom or identifying peers who can provide support to the student;

• Address students’ needs in individual session; special lesson will be created for fostering the reading, writing, listening or speaking needs of students with special needs;

• Unlock the students’ potential to contribute to the academic community through group assignments or tasks.