Deanship of E-learning Releases Report on Full Online Teaching

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center

The Deanship of E-Learning released a statistical report on the transformation to full online courses. Dean of E-Learning, Dr. Fahad Al-Ahmari, explained that his team tirelessly worked to improve the electronic educational process and raise its efficiency during the suspended period. He then provided information concerning training as follows:

  • 20 training courses were delivered to more than 4,000 faculty members;
  • 10 courses were delivered to more than 10,000 students;
  • The new telegram channel witnessed the participation of 4,245 faculty members and 54,390 students.

Dean Al-Ahmari continued his report by mentioning statistics on courses over the past 4 weeks as follows:

  • Interaction reached 92%;
  • 150,000 online courses were delivered to 867,995 students (overlapped);
  • 1,283,063 assessments were conducted;
  • 6,283,876 activities were conducted;
  • 4,328,504 portfolios were conducted;
  • 46,840 virtual classes were delivered;
  • 42 viva voces were conducted with another 30 scheduled over the next 2 weeks.

Dean Al-Ahmari also confirmed that both faculty and student performance in 29 colleges were monitored from the first day of the crisis, noting that 181 performance reports have been created for faculty and students. Additionally, approximately 10 special needs courses were developed. He noted that e-learning units within each college played an integral role, leading to periodic meetings. This, too, was supported by a robust social media presence.

In terms of technical support, more than 6,000 inquiries were responded to and closed. Dean Al-Ahmari noted that this included WhatsApp, phone support, remote desktop software, and a comprehensive FAQ section.

The Deanship of E-Learning is dedicated to meeting the strategic goals of the university and Vision 2030 by tailoring plans to the rapid development needs of the Kingdom. Some of the more notable and recent accomplishments are as follows:

  • An agreement with Jeddah University;
  • The organization of an online forum entitled "Opportunity Investment During the Coronavirus Crisis";
  • Opening all KKUx courses to the public for free;
  • Providing international scholarship students with iPads.
Source: KKU - Media Center His Excellency, the University President, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Sulami, sponsored the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Charitable Foundation for Orphans Care (Ekhaa) Asir branch.  Vice President of Business and Knowledge Economy, Prof. Abdullatif bin Ibrahim Al Hedaithy, represented the University in signing the agreement, while Ekhaa Foundation was represented by Prof. Saleh bin Khalif Al Dahmashi, Secretary General of the Charitable Foundation for Orphans Care (Ekhaa), and Consultant of His Excellency the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development.  Al Hedaithy, explained that the agreement includes cooperation in the following areas: organizing academic, educational and entertaining programs and events for orphans, working on easing the procedures of accepting orphans to the university academic programs, in accordance to the Deanship of Admission regulations and conditions.  The agreement also includes supporting orphans psychologically and socially by cooperating with the Guidance and Consultation Center at the University, through supporting talented orphan students, and offering training courses. In addition to offering medical care through the university's dental clinics and medical centers. 
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center King Khalid University participated in the 24th  GCC “Community service Deanships and colleges committee  meeting , which was hosted  by Taibah University virtually.  The university also participated in the 36th National  meeting for the Deans of the Community service deanships committee on Wednesday and which was under the patronage of His Excellency Taibah University President Prof. Abdulaziz Alserani under the slogan “Sustainable development and prosperous society. It's worth noting that Prof Omar Alwan Agheel represented King Khalid University in the meeting. 
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center On behalf of His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, His Excellency King Khalid University President, Prof. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al Solami, chaired the sixth university council, today Wednesday the 30th of December 2020 , which was held virtually in the presence of the His Excellency the Secretary General of the Council of Universities Affairs, Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Saleh and the council members. The University Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Vice President of Post Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Saad bin Muhammad bin Dajam, explained that the council discussed a variety of topics, and approved the following: -  The restructure  of university departments and programs , which included the recommendation to establish a number of colleges and scientific departments at the university and in the Tihama branch and submitting them to the University Affairs Council. - The approval of  a master's program in management information systems (fee-demand ) in the Department of Management Information Systems in the College of Business. -  The restructure of the editorial board of the University Journal of Linguistic Studies.
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center His Excellency the University President, Falleh bin Rajaa Allah Alsolami, met the new General Manager of the Ministry of Transport in Asir, Eng. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Ghamdi, in his office in the university city. Upon his arrival  His Excellency the University President thanked Eng. Al-Ghamdi for the visit, and congratulated him on new assignment, wishing him success in serving the region and the country. During the meeting, the two parties discussed  joint projects and road network linking Al-Faraa University City,  they also discussed the plan to achieve our wise  leadership’s vision  and  His Highness, the region’s governor plan , to overcome difficulties and  to encourage collaboration between government agencies.
Source: KKU - Media Center The Administrative Development Department at King Khalid University, held a number of training courses and programs targeting university members, during the first semester of 1442 AH, a number of training courses were held in coordination with the Institute of Public Administration and the General Court of Audit.  The Dean of Human Resources Deanship Dr. Ali Al Olayani, explained that these training courses and programs are part of the Deanship's efforts to enhance the work performance of university members, to achieve the Deanship's mission of efficient and innovative management and development of human resources, by investing distinguished capabilities, in line with best practices. On his part, the Director of the Administrative Development Department, Prof. Ali bin Saleh Al Dumaih, said that an estimate of 2188 university members benefited from these training courses. These training courses are important to develop the skills and potentials of university employees in areas that include, risk management assessment, professional skills in work procedures, monitoring skills, content analysis in social networks, facility management, leadership skills, achieving excellence in strategies implementation in universities, improving the financial performance during crises, change management, risk-based audit, performance control, governmental accounting, practicing internal auditing in government agencies.