General Eligibility Percentages for Undergraduate...

   Source: King Khalid University - Media Center


General Eligibility Percentages for Undergraduate and Diploma Program Admissions

The Deanship of Admissions and Registration at King Khalid University has announced the measured degree percentage and eligible degree percentage for admission to

 undergraduate and diploma programs for the 1440-41 AH academic year.


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Source : King Khaled University - Media Centre This Tuesday morning ; His excellency ,king Khaled University Rector  Prof. Faleh bin Reja-Allah Alsolami honored the winners in 13th science meeting in Dentistry  College ; in the presence of Dean of Dentistry College Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahrani and Head of Dentist Interns  Committee Dr. Nasser al-ahmari  . The honoring  was  for first three winners( from male and female students)   depending on the Scientific Committee evaluation  and according to  specialized  arbitrators committee opinion . Also  researches' supervisors  from faculty members were honored too . Head of dentist Interns  Committee Dr. Nasser Al-Ahmari explained that 13th science day included : 115 interns , 43 researches  under 43 supervisors from faculty member. Event ended  with a scientific,  motivational symposium   explaining  steps and needs  interns  should know  ; about  postgraduate studies abroad . And Al- Shahrani  (Dean of dentistry college ) said : he is  thankful  for His Excellency , University Rector for his constant support to the college and college faculty . 
المصدر: جامعة الملك خالد - المركز الإعلامي أصدر مدير جامعة الملك خالد ، سعادة الأستاذ الدكتور فلاح بن رجا الله السلمي ، عددًا من التعيينات والتمديدات على النحو التالي: تعيين الأستاذ عمر علوان عقيل ، عميد خدمة المجتمع وعمادة التعليم المستمر. تعيين الدكتور عبد الرحيم صالح السيري ، عميد كلية الصيدلة. تمديد تعيين الدكتور علي محمد العبدالمطالي ، وكيل عمادة القبول والتسجيل. تمديد تعيين الدكتور علي حسين الخالدي نائب عميد الشؤون الفنية لعمادة القبول والتسجيل. تعيين الدكتور عبداللطيف بن جبران بن محسن ، وكيل عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي في كلية الصيدلة. تمديد تعيين الدكتور محمد علي الميد ، نائب عميد كلية الصيدلة وكلية العلوم الطبية التطبيقية للدراسات العليا في خميس مشيط. تعيين الدكتور أحمد محمد الخيرة ، نائب عميد التطوير وعمادة الجودة في تهامة. تمديد تعيين الدكتور يوسف إبراهيم الزهراني ، وكيل عمادة كلية الصيدلة للتطوير والجودة في خميس مشيط. تعيين أ. ناصر عبد الله الشهراني ؛ وكيل الكلية للشؤون الأكاديمية في كلية التربية. تعيين الدكتور مفلح بن زبن القحطاني ؛ المشرف العام على الإدارة العامة للعلاقات والمعلومات ، بالإضافة إلى عمله كمتحدث باسم الجامعة. تمديد تعيين الدكتور محمد يحيى الفافي ؛ المشرف العام على إدارة النشر العلمي. تعيين الدكتور علي محمد الهاجري ؛ المشرف العام على الإدارة العامة للشؤون القانونية. تعيين الدكتور عبد الله عايد عسيري ؛ المشرف على وحدة المجلات العلمية والجمعيات. د. جميلة سعيد القحطاني. مساعد المشرف العام على إدارة المنح (الطالبات). تعيين محاضر. نورا عبد القادر عامر مساعد المشرف العام على إدارة العلاقات والمعلومات (طالبات) تعيين الأستاذ سعيد صالح الرقيب والدكتور ناصر منصور طيران. مستشار رئيس الجامعة. تعيين الدكتور سعاد محمد القحطاني ؛ مستشار في كلية التربية والتعليم والشؤون الأكاديمية.   تعيين السيد عبدالرحمن علي حمود ؛ مدير عام الشئون الإدارية والمالية بالجامعة. تعيين السيد محمد فرحان العبود ؛ مستشار رئيس الجامعة للشؤون الإدارية والمالية. تعيين د. هاسل معدي الأحمري. رئيس قسم الدراسات الإسلامية في كلية العلوم والفنون بمحايل. تمديد فترة تعيين الدكتور حمزة فاي الفتحي. منسق العلوم ، كلية الشريعة وأصول الدين في تهامة. مبروك لجميع المعينين والمعينين. تمنى سعادة رئيس الجامعة السلمي الأفضل للجميع ، وهو يبحث عن المزيد من الجهد والأفضل والمزايدة هناك.      
Source : King Khalid University-Media Center The Deanship of Post-Graduate Studies received 4433 applications for the unpaid post-graduate program on the portal. The male applicants represented 41% with a total of 1800 applications and  the female applicants represented 59% with a total of 2633 applications. The number of Master's applicants reached a total of 3544 while the number of PhD applicants reached 889. The Dean of the Deanship of Post-graduate Studies Dr. Ahmed bin Yahya Al-Faya’, pointed that the results of the admission for the paid post-graduate program shall be announced on in the beginning of Sha’aban. The paid post-graduate program included diploma degrees as well as Master and PhD degrees in various academic, executive and professional disciplines which well take place on a number of colleges including Sharia (religious studies), Education, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, and Applied Medical Sciences in Khamis Mushayt.
Source : King Khalid University-Media Center   Vice secretary -general of Aseer Emirate , President of local committee of census Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser bin Lebdah  witnessed the launching of  training program for inspectors participating in Saudi census 2020 A.M in Aseer reign , in the presence of  His excellency Rector of King Khaled University Prof . Faleh bin Reja-Allah Al-Solami  , in the Central Auditorium Building at the university’s main headquarters in Abha.  In the opining of ceremony ; General-Supervisor of census in Aseer  Mr. Ayed Al-Amri given a brief t summary  about census , General Authority of statistic products and about the launching of   this project , and  He asserted that,  census is  an essential pillar to provide information for decision makers and support development in our dear homeland  .also He pointed out that 17th of march 2020A.M is  the beginning of counting   .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The  training program  include  200 participator and will be taken  for 7days together with the General Authority of Statistic team , a  lectures and workshops  will be given to know how to  gets right information to facilitate the process of counting families by the researcher. This censuses  will be different and more precise  to get the exact and right numbers  ; through using Modern systems and   technology ,such :  "tablet" devices, national address, self-counting, electronic form, and other helpful  means that will facilitate the process for census workers.
  Source : King Khalid University-Media Center The university is in the process of restructuring several departments. This effort is to improve service and administrative efficiency as part of the Vision 2030 program. The restructuring is also in accordance with the university's continuous improvement in quality initiative. King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, explained that oversight of the General Department of Monitoring will be transferred to the Office of the Rector from the Office of the Vice Rector. Also, the university is creating a risk management department which will report directly to the Rector. To balance administrative responsibilities, oversight of the human resources and general administration, communications and financial affairs departments will be transferred from the Office of the Rector to the Office of the Vice Rector. His Excellency also explained that there will be some consolidations. The Media Center will be integrated into general administration. The journal unit and the scientific societies will be merged into one unit. Also, the Archive Center will be transferred from Quality and Development to operate directly under the Office of the Vice Rector. The university is also making some general operational changes. Requests for leave will be handled by supervisory faculty. College Deans will be able to nominate directors for their respective departments. The Vice Rector of Academic Affairs will be given expanded contracting authority as well as direct ownership of many electronic services. The Human Resources department will be delegating certain responsibilities for employee assignment and staff transfers. King Khalid University is also working on expanding the role of Internal Oversight Bodies. This is an ongoing effort and requires input and participation of the Standing Committee of Review and Governance, the Intellectual Awareness Unit, the Internal Audit Unit, the General Department for Monitoring, the Internal Audit Unit, the General Department for Monitoring, Risk Management and Financial Control.