Ramadan the month of worships and virtues

Ramadan is the month of charity, goodness and blessings. Allah chose this month to be His own month where He rewards for it. There are several virtues for this month as follows:

- Virtues of Ramadan:

It is the month in which our Holy Quran was received by our prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. During Ramadan the heaven’s doors are opened, the hell’s gates are closed, and the devils are handcuffed. The night of Qadr is the greatest nights of the year, it is better than a thousand months. As stated in the Hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him if a Muslim prays faithfully in the night of Qadr, God forgive him above his guilt.

- Fasting is the opportunity to change habits:

Fasting is a great opportunity to stop some bad habits like smoking as it harms oneself and others’.

- Patience:

As being patient for hunger and thirst, a person could be patient for some other issues in his life, which need time.

- Save yourself:

Save your heart and body from bad things.

- Purifying oneself:

Get rid of all bad feeling like hatred and revenge.

- Time investment:

By reading Quran and understanding its meanings, studying other fields of science, which creates a conscious generation aware of the requirements of his age.

- Your Health during Ramadan:

- Drink at least 8 glasses of water during Ramadan.

- The main balanced dish must contain carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, and potatoes, and a kind of meat such as red meat, chicken, or fish, plus cooked vegetables. It is worth mentioning, that moderate intake is key to good health.

- You have to break your fasting by starting with a bowl of soup and this helps your digestive system to work properly.

- You have to eat two dates at the beginning then a glass of water or milk. After that, you have to take hot dish of soup, salad and main meal. In addition, you have to be moderate in eating as it is considered the main factor of good health!

- Suhoor has many benefits in Ramadan. It strengthens fasting people and activate them during the long fasting day. Nutritionists are recommending that this meal rich in carbohydrates slow absorption as whole wheat bread, rice or cereal, this contribute to maintaining the level of sugar in the blood.

- Some people eat a great quantity of food during Ramadan, which leads to weight gain. In order to control your weight, you must take a healthy meal, appetizers and desserts in moderation, choose more fruits and vegetables, avoid sugary drinks, and exercise daily.

- For those who suffer from headache and dizziness resulting from lack of sugar rates they have during the period of fasting, we recommend starting eating with two to three dates to adjust the level of sugar in the blood.

- To prepare light dishes during Ramadan, housewife can cook healthy dishes like grilling, boiling, cooking on steam as well as add delicious flavor to recipes through a rich variety of vegetables, herbs and spices.

- Balanced nutrition during Ramadan is so important. Before going to bed, we recommend a snack consisting of a glass of low-fat milk, for example, the sandwich of brown bread and cheese, low fat and an amount of fist of dried fruit and nuts. Suhoor also must contain glass of low fat milk, brown bread and a plate of legumes such as beans or chickpeas.

- Drink moderately some natural drinks, as they are good source of sugar and vitamins, but rich in calories.

- Use salt reasonably in your dishes. Salt can be replaced by the use of vegetables, herbs and spices for more flavor and good taste to your meals.

- The change of eating routine may lead to constipation. To avoid this, make sure you eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes and drink enough water.

Finally, we wish you an ' acceptable fasting ' and ' delicious meal '.

Source : King Khalid University - Media Center The Deanship of Admissions and Registration announced the opening of electronic admissions to undergraduate and graduate programs for the 1441 AH academic year. Admissions will begin on the 15th of Shawwāl and will continue to the 30th of Shawwāl 1440 AH. Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Abdulmohsen Algarni, stressed that all applications will be received electronically, adding that prospective students need to apply through the Academia Portal via the following link: click here. Dean Algarni explained that the admissions process does not depend on early admission but rather on the overall student GPA, which will include high school assessment tests. He explained that in the case of updated assessment test scores, the university system will receive the results automatically....more  
Source : King Khalid University - Media Center Minister of Education, His Excellency Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, praised the great attention and care devoted to education by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, in a speech he delivered during his visit to King Khalid University on Saturday evening. His Excellency also commended the development and progress witnessed at King Khalid University, highlighting the university's remarkable effort in reviewing its strategic, structural, and academic system plan. He noted that this is evident in the university's rise in the level of quality programs and outcomes recently delivered. "I look forward to King Khalid University becoming one of the top 200 international universities. King Khalid University has the potential to represent our country as a leading educational institution," he said.more
 King Khalid University - Media Center   King Khalid University's Mathematics Summer School hosted a group of public school students on Thursday at the main campus.   The students were introduced to the summer school system, agenda, and topics on number theory, differential geometry, and dynamic systems. All in attendance expressed their excitement on what they will learn and achieve. King Abdullah High School Director, Khalid Muhsin Al-Amiri, praised King Khalid University's efforts in serving the community and offering an opportunity to nascent talents with outstanding potential. Importance of Mathematics Meeting Coordinators, Dr. Sarhan al-Harthy and Dr. Hadi Al-Wadai, stressed that mathematics is the most important subject and the basis of skill-development and innovations. Of noteworthy mention, the summer school launched its activities last week and will continue to the 19th of Shawal 1440 AH.      
King Khalid University - Media Center King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, welcomed Aba'aa Charity Association Asir General Director, Dr. Saad Al-Amer, on the 15th of Shawwāl 1440 AH. During the meeting, the two parties discussed a variety of topics and the possibility of future partnerships and initiatives that will serve the general public in the region. Of noteworthy mention, the meeting was also attended by senior leadership representing different deanships.
King Khalid University - Media Center King Khalid University, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs, received the Silver Plaque Award for the National Environment Protection Project. The university won the award in an intense competition that included all Saudi Universities, education departments, and participating entities. The team participated by presenting a number of environmental projects and initiatives that support a clean green environment, in addition to educational awareness programs that included: planting over 500 trees, anti-groundwater depletion initiatives, the protection of forests and green areas, and clean environment/water consumption initiatives. The team also made a number of field visits and held competitions to increase the public's environmental awareness. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Atheed, explained that the university's participation is a result of directives to fulfill its role in motivating and encouraging social responsibility. Moreover, it also comes in line with Saudi Vision 2030, which has set environmental and sustainable development as one of its main objectives. On the occasion, the Deanship of Student Affairs honored all team members, supervisors and participating entities, thanking them for their extraordinary efforts. It is worth noting that the university teams were also honored in a ceremony held by the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association. The university team thanked the university rector, the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality, and all supporting entities for their continued support and encouragement.