College Students in a field visit to a Water Directorate

As a part of its awareness programs and in cooperation with the Deanship of Community Service, Continuing education and Water Directorate , Girls’ Community College participated in World Water Day by organizing a field visit to a Water Directorate and a Water Purification Plant in Abha in order to familiarize students with the kingdom’s efforts in water desalination and aware  them of the importance of water conservation. Ms. Hanan Al-Qaisi introduced a lecture about “Human Impact on the environment, water, and agriculture” in which she briefly described the stages of Desalinization and the experience of some countries regarding this process especially Japan and Abu Dhabi’s experience in using foam in order to reduce the consumption of irrigation water. About 20 students and a number of the college employee attended the workshop. After the lecture, the audience had a field visit to a Water Purification Plant where the authorized engineer explained the mechanism of purifying water and answered the students’ questions. 

During the month of Safar, His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, issued a number of appointments, postings, and extensions as follows: Extension: Dr. Fahad Abdullah Al-Ahmari, Dean of the e-Learning; Extension: Dr. Ibrahim Sulyam Ahmed Al-Shahrani, Dean of the College of Dentistry; Extension: Dr. Fouad Idris Abaaq, Medical City Executive Manager; Extension: Dr. Hassan Ahmed Al-Talie, Vice Dean of the Research and Consultation Center; Extension: Dr. Ali Isaa Qanaie, University Scientific Journal Supervisor; Extension: Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Ahmed Al-Amri, Admissions Supervisor; Extension: Mr. Feras Ibrahim Shahbi, Information Security Unit Supervisor; Extension: Dr. Amal Hussain Al-Mushait, Assistant Dean, Khamis Mushait Community College; Extension: Ms. Reem Mohammad Qasim, Al-Samer Campus English Language Coordinator;   Appointment: Ms. Nora Abdul Qader Amer, Media Center Assistant  General Supervisor & Supervisor in the  Media and Communication Department in the College of Humanities; Appointment: Dr. Mari Saad Mari Habash, Advisor to the Center of Corporate Governance; Appointment: Ms. Fatimah Yahya Sebyani, Psychology Department Supervisor; Appointment: Ms. Noura Al-Sufyani, Community College General Course Department Head; Appointment: Mr. Saeed Abdullah Al-Shahrani, Community College General Course Department Head; Appointment: Ms. Noura Ibrahim Al-Saeed, Community College General Course Department Supervisor; Appointment: Dr. Noura Hassan Zarib Al-Qahtani, Alumni Unit Supervisor; Appointment: Ms. Maryam Mohammad Hadi, Geography Department Supervisor; Appointment: Ms. Byan Mohammad Al-Hefdi, Pharmacy Department Supervisor; Appointment: Mr. Abduallah Al-Shehri, Head of the Financial and Banking Departments in the College of Arts and Science in Tanuma; Appointment: Mr. Abdul Majeed Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Assistant Director of the Center of Corporate Governance; Appointment: Dr. Muna Abdulaziz Al-Mansif, Clinical Pharmacy Department Supervisor; Appointment: Dr. Khadeja Al Hussain Al-Hefdi, Supervisor of the Arabic Language Department; Appointment: Dr. Haleema Abdullah Yahya Al-Rafie, Assistant Supervisor in the General Education Services Administration. Congratulations to all of our colleagues who have achieved extensions or new appointments. We wish those granted extensions continued success in their endeavors. Also, we are looking forward to benefitting from the talents and efforts of the new appointees.  
Under the patronage of His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, the Third National Conference for Computer Colleges in Saudi Universities began on the 28th of Muharram 1440 AH. It was organized by the College of Computer Science at Abha Palace Hotel. Computer science colleges and departments met from around the Kingdom in an attempt to introduce the latest concepts and developments and create a platform where they can share success stories, research, and presentations. His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy, welcomed the deans of computer colleges from Saudi universities, commenting that the conference is an essential factor in supporting Vision 2030 and the 2020 National Transformation Plan. He emphasized that the field of technology and computer applications is one of the fastest growing fields and must receive great attention by computer faculties to raise the level of awareness and performance and to enhance the level of academic knowledge and models used in learning. Vice Rector for Higher Studies and Scientific Research and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, Dr. Saad Al-Amry, confirmed that the committee focused on activating the role of exchanging educational and research experience -- the primary conference goal. He further related that the exchange of knowledge in accord with international standards will contribute significantly to the improvement of teaching skills in the field of computer science and will help meet the needs of the labor market. He brought attention to the many events, workshops, and talks to be provided by an elite group of specialists in the fields of computer science and information systems. More importantly, he explained, the Third National Programming Contest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will spark the next generation of computing professionals as they pursue excellence. Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science at King Khalid University and Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, Dr. Ali Al-Karawi, asserted that the Third National Conference for Computer Colleges in Saudi Universities aims to raise the level of performance of computer colleges, which are the building blocks for the current digital transformation, adding that most of the goals of Vision 2030 are based on digital technologies. He stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is steadily moving towards intelligent technological solutions to ensure sustainable development, pointing out that the conference received excellent attention from specialists, adding that the of Computer Science College received more than 70 research papers. The Third National Programming Competition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will occur on the sidelines of the conference and will host more than 200 students from various universities in order to enhance creativity, teamwork, and innovation in solving complex software issues. It will also enable students to test their performance capabilities under the pressure of time in accord with the standards of international group competitions.  
The General Directorate of Information Technology launched the 'Asir Coding Initiative' in collaboration with the Misk Charitable Organization as part of the second edition of Misk’s coding initiative. The initiative will span 100 days and aims to teach the fundamentals of coding for all members of society. Chief Information Officer, Dr. Salem Alelayani, explained that this initiative is a result of the university belief in the importance of social development and aims to spread the culture of coding and computer learning in Asir region. The program will include three stages and will host volunteer programmers and coding initiatives to build an intelligent computing society. To access the workshops in-person or online and receive more information about the registration process, please visit
Under the patronage of His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality held a workshop titled 'The Standards to Develop the Excellency Award' on the 6th of Rabīʿ Al-Awwal at Abha Palace Hotel in the presence of the university vice rectors, deans, vice deans, employees, and associates. At the beginning of the workshop, Vice Rector of Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Merzin Al-Shahrani, welcomed the attendees and participants and thanked His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy for his support and encouragement in the launch of new award categories and the development of the Excellence Award. The workshop discussed suggestions and amendments for category standards to accompany the Excellence Award. The awards include but are not limited to:  The Student Excellence Award;  The Research Award;  The Community Service Award;  The e-Learning Award;  The Faculty Member Excellence Award;  The Employee Award;  The Entrepreneurship and Invention Award. At the end of the 100-person workshop, Dean of Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Hajri, thanked the university rector for actively supporting and developing the Excellence Award. He also thanked the university vice rector of academic development and quality for his effort and guidance.
International Children's Day was held contemporaneously with King Khalid University's 15th Book Fair and Exhibition on Monday the 6th of Safar. The activities included a lecture initiated by the Department of Kindergarten at King Khalid University's College of Education delivered by Dr. Haifa Al-Mabrouk, which displayed a video of negative parental behaviors with children. This was followed by a discussion on the concept of positive education, which aims to introduce the stages of development within children behavior and ways of dealing with each stage without being subjected to psychological damage. Al-Mabrouk also stressed the importance of being a positive educator in raising children to be more confident, socially active, and flexible when facing difficult situations. She also discussed the factors that cause negative or undesirable behaviors, mentioning some essential psychological and social factors related to growth. In her lecture, she described a set of strategies that help educators to reinforce the concept of positive education, including problem-solving strategies which focus on helping a child solve a problem, rather than reprimanding the child for their behavior. This too was coupled with a talk on effective listening strategies and emotional control strategies that affect communication skills and the positive build-up of character and personality. The closing lecture on the importance of self-empowerment was delivered by Dr. Samira Al-Manaie Al-Akalbi from the Department of Kindergarten Faculty of Education. In her talk, Al-Akalbi discussed the importance of fostering a sense of self-empowerment in children by family members and relatives. She explained that it would stimulate independent reasoning and self-awareness while encouraging self-accountability.