E - learning unite




the team

Mission/ Description


       Unit Coordinator




 ​   Monitoring e learning systems and projects

    Implementing a strategic plan and technical/ professional standards

    Coordinating with information technology administration and college registrar concerning accounting information

    Providing technical support and assistance regarding learning management system and maintenance and

      ensuring information environment and database.

    Evaluating traditional courses regularly

    Communicating with the manager of e-learning and holding meetings to address the issue of activating

      of e learning

    Monthly maintenance of all laboratory equipment is necessary.

    Providing laboratory technical support for staff members and students is necessary.

    Conducting training courses for staff members and students.


       Unit Manager


    Participating in implementing the plans concerning e-learning unit at the college.Participating in following up

      the timely execution of the plans

    Identifying college requirements regarding e-learning; for example, training, fostering competency and

      meeting the needs.

    Providing technical support regarding learning management and supporting systems.

    Offering advisory on the best activation and appropriate practices of e-learning. 

    Following up on performing e-learning tasks  and issuing reports to the deanship of e learning

    Conducting training courses for staff members and students.

       Unit Secretary

    Responding to all requests and inquiries of the managerial/ administrative coordinator

    She must, in any case, be present during working hours.

    Providing laboratory technical support for students regarding blackboard system.

    Monthly monitoring of the students and staff members’ visits of laboratory courses.

    Maintaining laboratory files (incoming, outgoing etc.)

    Coordinating with e-learning supporting students concerning all what concern them.

  Departmental Coordinators

    Communicating with unit coordinator concerning e-learning process.

    Coordinating between the department and unit coordinator concerning e-learning process.

    Solving the problems of blackboard

    Conducting regular training courses for staff members .