Committees at the Program Level

 Dissemination of quality culture in the department.

 Supervised the strategic plan for the department and follow up their implementation.

 Propose development plans for the department.

 Implementation of the evaluation and follow-up activities and Accreditation in the department.

 Propose goals and learning programs for different output section (Bachelor - Master - PhD), as well as suggest ways and means to achieve these objectives, beside different methods of assessment to measure learning outcomes and achieve these goals.

 Supervised the preparation of the curriculum files.

 Recognize the improvement process and propose the necessary projects to be achieved at the department.

 Preparation of the handbooks, as well as brochures, job opportunities and study plans.

 Receive the various academic accreditation teams from outside the university and the quality committees from the university who visit the department from time to time.

 Encourage the department members to be initiative and propose projects to assist them to activate these proposals.

 Supervise the self-evaluation process of different programs of the department, and the preparation of self-study reports for academic programs.

 Contribute with the quality unit in diffusion the culture of quality and academic accreditation and organizing educational lectures, workshops and  activate the  week of quality and academic accreditation and the attend these activities.

 Documenting the efforts of academic accreditation procedures and its outcomes in the department and raise the results to the heads of the department.

 Collecting data and information on an ongoing basis for academic accreditation requirements and quality activities and applied in the department.

 Preparing periodic reports on the performance levels of the department and the satisfaction of beneficiaries for each activity.

 Hold regular meetings to discuss how to apply the requirement to accept the academic programs.

 Preparation of the description files for the academic programs.

 Performing other tasks assigned to the Committee with regard to academic accreditation and quality activities.

 Follow up all the personal data of students and labeled them according to their  departments  to find access  to contact them. (especially Bachelor students)

 Follow-up the data collection of the employers and means of contacting them.  

 Monitor the implementation of programs set by all departments of the college to strengthen the link between graduates and recruitment areas.

 Preparation and follow-up questionnaires the distribution and collection to see the degree of satisfaction of this category of their course and categorize the statistical results and advise the graduates accordingly.

 Support the creation of an effective mechanism to provide employment opportunities for graduates in their specialization   (for example, by holding employment’ forums - polled employers in the levels of college graduates - explore the views of employers in the important courses of different academic programs in all departments of the college).

  Holding  regular meetings to follow up the Curricula and plans Committee work with coordination with similar programs in the other branches of the university.

 Receiving proposals about the plans, programs and courses from different branches of the university through the coordinator.

 Completion of the requirements of  study plans for existing or new program as stated in the directory of

building and developing programs (page 4-5)

  Commitment to Administrative sequentially for approval the plans and programs of study as stated in the directory of building and developing programs (page 9)

  Complete the required forms to prepare a plan or design a new course or develop an existing program as stated in the directory of building and developing programs (models 1-2-3-4-5-6-7).  

  Evaluate the existing programs and plans of study according to the models (a-b-c-d)

  Submit periodic reports about the progress of the work to curricula and plans committee of the college and to the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality.

  ​supervised   the implementation of programs and commitment to the description of courses in the program. 

 ​  Meet the new program requirements in accordance with the development of programs and plans of study  

   Meet the requirements and standards about changes in the program (outputs, program name, add or delete course) to meet the required standards and add a reference to the curriculum.

   organizing workshops for the staff members and the members of the program according to their needs.

   Spread the culture of the quality of plans and programs among department members.

   Comply with the requirements of Quality and development Deanship concerning the program.

   Documenting the meetings and the work of the plans and programs committee of the program.

   Collecting the self-study reports of the curriculum from the branches through the coordinator and   prepares a report and submitted to the Dean or the head of the quality and development unit.

   The need for coordination and cooperation between the joint programs (male / female) in all the university branches. 


 Collecting the projects that are implemented in the departments and compiling them and the contributions of these project for community service and development plans as well.

 Encouraging the students' initiative to raise the service role of the community through seminars and publications in coordination with the relevant committees in all departments.

 Strengthening the connection between the college and the people in charge of development plans in Saudi Arabia.

 Developing programs to strengthen the relationship between all departments in the college and community and following up their implementation.