Vision, Mission, and the objectives of the college

The Community College aspires to achieve a pioneering and distinguished role in the scientific and applied fields to serve the community and the labor market on both the local and regional levels.

To graduate qualified students scientifically and professionally in the areas of Administrative Sciences and Computer Science by applying the best of modern technology in the educational process and doing scientific research that serves the labor market.

   To prepare graduates professionally for the workforce to saudize the employment in the public and private institutions.

   To develop and modernize the curriculum in the light of contemporary global trends.

   To educate students and provide them with the knowledge of modern sciences and enhance the  development of

     individual capacity. 

   To integrate the concept of comprehensive quality in all departments of the college for achieving local accreditation.

   To concentrate on e-learning and self-education.

   To achieve active participation in community education and development. 

   To offer new training programs that cover the needs of the labor market.