• Intensive English Program

    Announcement on Holding an Intensive English Program for University Lecturers and Teaching Assistants 

    Upon the directives of the University Rector and in cooperation with the Faculty of Languages and Translation, the University Vice-Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research will hold an Intensive English Language Program. It will be three months in duration and begin in the late afternoon going into the evening from 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm. 

    • The male headquarters is the Faculty of Languages and Translation. 
    • The female headquarters is the College of Education (female section).
    • For early registration, click here.

    The placement test will occur during the second week of the current academic year 1438-39 AH.

    Please Note:

    A similar training program will occur in the near future at all campuses.


  • Announcement of Supplementary Bachelor

    The Admission and Registration Deanship announces the commencement of the admission to the supplementary Bachelor for the alumni and alumnae who have parallel specializations in the community colleges of King Khalid University (KKU).

    Application Mechanism:

    Application Date:

    It starts on 29/04/1439 AH and lasts up to 06/05/1439 AH.

    Application Conditions:

    • The applicant must be a KKU graduate.
    • The applicant must be able to join for full-time study.
    • The applicant must complete at least 60% of the diploma study plan requirements. 
    • To join the specializations of Information Systems, Programming and Computer Operation, the applicant's GPA must be 3.25/5 or above. 
    • To join the specializations of Accounting and Business Administration, the applicant's GPA must be 3/5 or above.      


    • The applicant needs to attend the written exams held by the College of Computer and College of Administrative and Financial Sciences. 
    • Yearly, 10% of admission in supplementary bachelor will be dedicated to diploma graduates. The differentiation between diploma applicants will be counted as 60% written exam + 40% GPA.     
  • Announcement of period of change (Internal) for the second semester of the academic year 1438/1439 AH (males & females)

    Deanship of Registration and Admission announces Internal Change Period for the second semester of the academic year 1438/1439 AH, which will take place - God Willing - through King Khalid University (KKU) portal from Monday 27/04/1439 AH to Wednesday 29/04/1439 AH. For more information, please visit the following link:

  • Tuitions in English and Math at Wafa Girls’ Centr

    Wafa Girls’ Centre, which is affiliated to “Aaba Society” conducts tuitions in English and Math with the cooperation of King Khalid University represented by Girls’Community College.the Tuitions start on Tuesday 10 / 3 / 1439 H, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. English tuitions: Every Wednesday starting from 11/ 3 / 1439, for secondary level.Math tuitions: every Tuesday starting from 10 / 3 / 1439, for third secondary level only.


  • Dates of external transfer for the second semester

     Dates of external transfer for the second semester of the academic year 1439 – 1440, from 25 / 4 /1439 – 1 / 5 / 14


    : Transfer conditions

    - A student must be Saudi or from a Saudi mother.

    - The student must finish the preparatory year (if any) and apply for the corresponding major to their GPA.

    - All applications are subject to department’s capacity and those who have high GPA will be selected.

    - The student should study at least two semesters and not more than four semesters.

    - The students should adhere to the specific time and place of external transferring.

    - The student should not exceed five years since secondary school graduation.

    - The students who want to transfer from private colleges are subject to university acceptance GPAs for the year of his secondary school graduation.

    ** Admission Process:

    - Login to the portal, through the following link:

    -  Fill in the form electronically and you are responsible for all valid information you entered.

    - Attach the required files PDF format and then save the request.

    Required attachments:

    - A copy of identification card.

     - A copy of from High School Certification.

    - Two academic records (original and attested) to the end of the second semester and a form of external transfer from the university in which the students is studying.

    To all students:

    - You have to follow-up your application electronically on the same website.

    - We will communicate with applicants through sms messages.

    ** In case your application is accepted:

    - Equivalence of the courses will be but not to be included in the GPA.

    - The period of the study in the previous college, that the student spent, will be considered of the time allotted for the study in the new college.

    (To check the dates and transfer conditions , please (click here).



  • Your Book is Charity

    Within the framework of community service programs College organizes" your bookcharity" campaign through which the students donated with their university book by the end of the semester to benefit another student in the next semester.

  • Winter Clothing

    As part of the community service, the Office Management Program organizes a campaign for providing the winter clothes for Towaiq workers, in cooperation witha team of volunteer students at the faculty and the Governate of Asir.We hope that you

    participate in the purchase of clothing.

  • The needy chaste

    Within the framework of community service, the Academic guidance Unit in the College  in  cooperation  with   the social security office in Assir  Region, announces  their provision of their  services for  those who have a social situation such as orphans , divorced children or financial  family cases. They should go to the office of  Guidance and counseling  Unit to take the student 's information to carry out case study  by . Social  security  and attempting  to provide financial support within the program of chaste needy

  • integrated program for the development and development of female students'abilities


    The Academic Guidance Unit in the college in cooperation with The Center for Talent and Creativity (ctc) in KKU announce that a program for developing the abilities of female students will be held including the   following workshops

    Name of workshop


    Day and Date



    Your subconscious is

    Smarter than what you think


    Monday 10-2


    G 1/1/3


    Mrs. Khadijah Khammash

    Creative Thinking


    Monday 9-3

    G 1/1/3

    Mrs. Raniah Zeyadah

    The Seven Habits of Success


    Wednesday 11-3

    G 1/1/4

    Dr Sabah Fathy

    How to Put Plans for your Future

      11:30- 1

    Monday 16-3

    G 1/1/3

    Dr. Anjum ͨ Othman

    The Art of Planning for Studying


    Wednesday 18-3

    G 1/1/4

    Dr Sabah Fathy

    The Effective Communication Skills


    Monday 23-3

    G 1/1/3

    Mrs. Eman Alahmary

    Self-development and Time Management


    Wednesday 25-3

     G 1/1/4


    Dr Sabah Fathy

     A certificate of attendance will be issued only to students who attended at least 3 workshops. Those wishing to register must go to the Academic Guidance Unit office at the Administration Building. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis since space is limited. 


  • Public Relations in Charities

    We are pleased  to invite you to attend a lecture on "Public Relations in Charities"

    Prepared and Presented by: Dr. Anjam Ahmed, Assistant Professor at the Community College for Girls, Abha, at the headquarters of the Association of Abba on Tuesday, 1439/2/11 H., at 4.30 pm

    :Lecture Topics

    The reality of charitable work in the Kingdom and Vision of  2030 

     The concept and objectives of public relations in the field of charitable work  

     Planning public relations campaigns and advertising in charitable work  

    Strategies for building a positive mental image of the charity  

    Challenges facing the work of charities in the Kingdom