• Your Book is Charity

    Within the framework of community service programs College organizes" your bookcharity" campaign through which the students donated with their university book by the end of the semester to benefit another student in the next semester.

  • Winter Clothing

    As part of the community service, the Office Management Program organizes a campaign for providing the winter clothes for Towaiq workers, in cooperation witha team of volunteer students at the faculty and the Governate of Asir.We hope that you

    participate in the purchase of clothing.

  • The needy chaste

    Within the framework of community service, the Academic guidance Unit in the College  in  cooperation  with   the social security office in Assir  Region, announces  their provision of their  services for  those who have a social situation such as orphans , divorced children or financial  family cases. They should go to the office of  Guidance and counseling  Unit to take the student 's information to carry out case study  by . Social  security  and attempting  to provide financial support within the program of chaste needy

  • integrated program for the development and development of female students'abilities


    The Academic Guidance Unit in the college in cooperation with The Center for Talent and Creativity (ctc) in KKU announce that a program for developing the abilities of female students will be held including the   following workshops

    Name of workshop


    Day and Date



    Your subconscious is

    Smarter than what you think


    Monday 10-2


    G 1/1/3


    Mrs. Khadijah Khammash

    Creative Thinking


    Monday 9-3

    G 1/1/3

    Mrs. Raniah Zeyadah

    The Seven Habits of Success


    Wednesday 11-3

    G 1/1/4

    Dr Sabah Fathy

    How to Put Plans for your Future

      11:30- 1

    Monday 16-3

    G 1/1/3

    Dr. Anjum ͨ Othman

    The Art of Planning for Studying


    Wednesday 18-3

    G 1/1/4

    Dr Sabah Fathy

    The Effective Communication Skills


    Monday 23-3

    G 1/1/3

    Mrs. Eman Alahmary

    Self-development and Time Management


    Wednesday 25-3

     G 1/1/4


    Dr Sabah Fathy

     A certificate of attendance will be issued only to students who attended at least 3 workshops. Those wishing to register must go to the Academic Guidance Unit office at the Administration Building. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis since space is limited. 


  • Public Relations in Charities

    We are pleased  to invite you to attend a lecture on "Public Relations in Charities"

    Prepared and Presented by: Dr. Anjam Ahmed, Assistant Professor at the Community College for Girls, Abha, at the headquarters of the Association of Abba on Tuesday, 1439/2/11 H., at 4.30 pm

    :Lecture Topics

    The reality of charitable work in the Kingdom and Vision of  2030 

     The concept and objectives of public relations in the field of charitable work  

     Planning public relations campaigns and advertising in charitable work  

    Strategies for building a positive mental image of the charity  

    Challenges facing the work of charities in the Kingdom  


  • The launch of students' Fourth cultural Olympiad at KKU

     The Deanship of students' affairs announces the students' fourth cultural Olympiad according to the following dates:

      The Olympiad duration is between 3 / 3 / 1439 ( Tuesday ) till 11 / 3 / 1439 ( Wednesday).

      The deadline for registration and the submission of literary works and art of the college is on Tuesday 27 / 2 / 1439.

    (literary works and arts must be submitted to the head activities unit in the college then – in their role – they will submit these works at gymnasium building in Grager.)

      The timetables for competitions will be issued on 1 / 3 / 1439 .

    To download the booklet.

    The form of online registration.

    A course in the  Sunnah Prophetic Hadith for boys.

    A course in Sunnah Prophetic Hadith for girls.

    A course of Sunnah Pathways 


  • Professional Computer Maintenance

    Vice-Presidency for Development and Quality in the Deanship of Students Affairs announces that a workshop entitled:

    Professional Computer Maintenance Technician will be presented to male and female students. The workshop will be held from Monday 3-2-1439 to Wednesday 5-2-1439 in Alssamir Campus for Girls from 4-8 pm.



  • Student handbook

      The Deanship of Admissions and Registration issued the Student Handbook which contains the course schedule. As well as all academic movements,

    in addition to the most common questions. for view click her











  • Electronic Course Planning and Design

    In order to promote e-learning concepts and to develop a practice environment for the best results, a course on planning and design of the e-course will be held according to the criteria of the Quality Mattress, which will be held through the virtual classroom, God willing, on Wednesday 2017/10/18 from 8:00 - 21:00

    With the trainer:    Dr. Amira Ibrahim Al halef

    Target group: faculty members

       Course Themes

         Identify the starting criteria in the electronic e-​course

         Identify the lecture planning standards in the electronic courses

         Criteria for evaluating activities and tasks

         A tour in  one of the courses that met the criteria of the Quality  Mattress

    Registration ( Click here )

  • Center of talent, creativity and entrepreneurship

    The Center for Talent and Creativity (ctc) in KKU announces that all KKU staff members

    and employees will have the opportunity to present their creative works.

    Their contributions will be published in a book entitled: Fight against Misleading Thought.

    Contributions should be sent to: The deadline is 7-2-1438.

    The following requirements should be considered:

       The submitted work should not be previously submitted to any other entity. 

       The contribution should not exceed one page. 

       ​The contribution should be presented in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) except for Poetry that can be presented in MSA or in Nabati. 

       ​The participant can present his/her creative work in one field only to give the opportunity to other participants to take part. The available fields are:

       ​Poetry, Essays, Flash Prose, Short Story, Plastic Art, Photography, Caricature.

       Write Your full name, college and field of participation. Kindly contact the coordinator of (ctc) in your college for any inquires.

  • Make your future

    Make Your Own Future. My Supreme goal is to make my country a successful model of Pioneering all over the world in every walk of life.

      We will work together to achieve this goal. To participate in the campaign of Make Your Own Future, kindly fill in the following form


  • the E-Learning Practitioner

    The eLearning Deanship (eLD) announces that the registration for the E-Learning Practitioner training course

    for faculty members (Ladies) is now open. This course will start on Thursday 22-1-1439.

    You can register through the registration system via this link:


  • The Conditions of the Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test

    The Deanship of Graduate Studies announces that the Aptitude Test is a basic condition for most of the master and Ph.D programs at the university. Students interested in these programs are to take this test which is available as a "computerized test", so they can apply to these programs in the coming weeks  when the date of receiving the applications is announced.

  • The start of external training (internship) for female graduates

    The Graduate and Recruitment Committee announces the beginning of the external training (internship) of the graduates starting from Sunday 1439/1/11. All graduates who want to apply are to submit the required documents in the Development and Quality unit on the day allocated for each program according to the following table:




    Office Management


    Information Technology


    Business Administration






  • Development and Quality Training Courses

    The Vice Deanship of Academic Development and Quality of the Student Affairs Deanship announces the training courses for students starting at 4 pm "To register, click here"

    The Vice Deanship of Development and Quality at the Deanship of Student Affairs at King Khalid University is pleased to invite you to attend the following courses:


    Training program




    The International Computer Driving License, or Cambridge Certificate in IT Skills

    Mr. Ahmad Assiri

    11/01/1439 till 06/02/1439 H.

    Course duration: 4 weeks


    Professional Computer Maintenance Technician

    Eng. Abdullah Qurai'

    Monday & Wednesday 26-28/01/1439 H.


    Advanced Course in the English Language

    Mr. Mathew G.

    Course duration: 6 weeks

    09/02/1439 till 19/3/1439 H.


    English for Business Administration Program

    Mr. John Van Roy

    Monday & Wednesday 09-11/3/1439 H.